:::BOOKPAGE::: The Talk Book — By Gerald Goodman

Publisher’s description: This handbook, full of tools for better talking, has served families, romantic couples, counselors, consultants, talk-show hosts, screenwriters, sales-people, lovers, news anchors, therapists, teachers– just about anyone who has important conversations. This book’s success has created a demand for re-publication. The success comes from the method’s proven ability to sharpen talk skills and untangle messy communication. Its technique won the Innovations Award from The University of California, and covers the six primary tools everyone uses for connecting- in personal and work conversations: questions, self-disclosures, advice-giving, explanations, expressed empathy, and attention-managers. These familiar tools are natural to most people, so there’s little to memorize. New skills simply come from knowing how and when to use them. The technique brings strong understanding to a wide spectrum of interpersonal joys and sorrows over a lifespan.