Resources for Developing the Political, Technical & Moral Understanding
Required for the Responsible Care of Radioactive Materials
for Many Generations.

The Purpose of this Web Site

The Nuclear Guardianship Library is intended to contribute to the political, technical and moral understandings required to keep radioactive materials from further contaminating the biosphere, in order to protect present and future generations.  We hope to provide opportunities for ongoing, in-depth discussion among citizens, specialists, and policy makers on the responsible care of radioactive materials.

Many of these articles originally appeared in the Nuclear Guardianship Forum, an occasional publication of the Nuclear Guardianship Project (Issues 1-3, 1992-1994).  The Forum was distributed free of charge.  All still-relevant text material from those issues will be included in this web site, with new items added as warranted.

This site is maintained by the Nuclear Guardianship Project, a citizen's educational effort regarding the responsible care of radioactive materials.


T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S


A  Background Briefing on Radioactive Pollution  --  A 26-page review of problems associated with radioactive pollution from nuclear power, weapons and waste.

Safe Energy Handbook  --  Addresses dangers of nuclear industry and presents an overview of safe energy technologies already available (32 pages).


SECTION 1.  PHILOSOPHICAL AND MORAL ISSUES (Click on title to view document)

1-1.  An Ethic for Nuclear Guardianship  --  Values to Guide Decision-Making on the Management of Radioactive Materials

1-2.  The Moral Challenges of Nuclear Waste.

1-3.  How Can We Face The Challenge?  -- 50 Years at a Time

1-4.  Technology and Mindfulness  --  A Call to Attention to the Radioactive Results of Nuclear Technology

1-5.  On Guilt, Grief, Responsibility and Mythology  --  A Psychoanalyst's View of the Guardianship Concept

1-6.  Consider the Rights of Future Generations  --  Nuclear Contamination and the Cousteau Society's Proposed Bill of Rights

1-7.  Proposed "Atomic Priesthood" is NOT Nuclear Guardianship!

1-8.  Olso Conference Suggests that World Religions Carry Nuclear Waste Danger Warnings into the Far Future.


SECTION 2. POLITICAL AND SOCIAL ISSUES (Click on title to view document)

2-1.  U.S. Nuclear Waste Program in Crisis  --  Interview With Arjun Makhijani, president of the Institute For Energy and Environmental Research, Takoma Park, Maryland

2-2. World Uranium Hearings:  Indigenous Peoples Speak Out About Nuclear Colonialism

2-3.  Human Sacrifice - the de facto Practice of the Nuclear Industry.  A brief position statement by Anne Herbert and Margaret M. Pavel.

2-4.   True Costs of Nuclear Power  --  Half-a-Trillion Dollars Sunk

2-5.  Hazard-based Classification  --  A Wiser Arrangement for Nuclear Waste

2-6.  The Siting of Nuclear Waste  --  A "Yes, in OUR Back Yard" Position

2-7.  The Politics of Nuclear Waste  --  An Interview with Mary Olsen of Nuclear Information and Resouce Service (NIRS)

2-8.  Broad Support Expressed for Creating "Blue Ribbon Commission" to Review Nuclear Waste Policies

2-9.  Nuclear Industry Plans Expansion Despite Public Opposition

2-10.  Japan's Plutonium  --  A New Nuclear Threat

2-11.  A Dialogue on the Problem of "Solutions" for Nuclear Waste  --  Two Perspectives

2-12.  Sending Signals to the Far Future  --  How to Design Long-Term Warning Markers for Nuclear Waste Sites


SECTION 3.  TECHNICAL ISSUES(Click on title to view document)

3-1.  "Storage-for-Decay"  --  A Proposal by the Nuclear Information and Resources Service (NIRS)

3-2.  Radiation Waste: Too Hot To Handle? -- An Interview With Dr. Rustum Roy on How To Package Nuclear Waste

3-3.  Bioremediation of Nuclear Waste  --  How Much of an Option Is It?

3-4.  The Mysteries of Transmutation -- An Interview with Ed Fuller, Nuclear Safety Engineer


SECTION 4.  HEALTH AND SAFETY (Click on title to view document)

4-1.  The Truth About Radiation Dangers  --  An Overview of the Work of Dr. John Gofman

4-2.  The Children of Plutonium  --  High Cancer Rate Found in Offspring of Sellafield Fathers

4-3.  Radiation Detoxification & Protection  --  Story of a Chernobyl Downwinder (An Interview with Wendy Oser)

4-4.  Medical Waste: Trojan Horse?  --  "Don't: get hooked by medical arguments"


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